What Is It?

Leadership Montgomery’s Corporate Volunteer Council Program (CVC) connects businesses and professionals to structured volunteer service opportunities in Montgomery County. The CVC provides companies and their employees with information and education related to corporate volunteer programming as well as access to service opportunities across the County. CVC offerings are the perfect extension of other Leadership Montgomery programs—providing either an initial introduction to Leadership Montgomery or a hands-on pathway to apply what was learned. 

Tell Me More.

Specific CVC programming areas include:

  • Employee Volunteer Jump Start Program
  • Workforce for Good
  • Nonprofit Connections
  • Peer Learning
  • Community Needs Conversations
Plus, through our Leadership Montgomery Nonprofit Partners, nonprofits can share their specific needs and the needs of those they support to find companies and employees interested in helping to meet them.

Who Is It For?

Businesses that want a way to better connect their employees with the communities they work in through service. There are different levels of engagement for businesses with the CVC. The types of engagement include becoming a Leadership Montgomery member or partner, or becoming a Leadership Montgomery Nonprofit Partner or Sponsor. The staff at Leadership Montgomery can help find the right match for each unique organization looking to do good in the county. 

What Do Participants and Businesses Get Out of the CVC Offerings?

Business gain access to:
  • Consultation to identify strategic volunteer and service goals.
  • Insights and best practices for employee volunteerism.
  • Community needs and engagement opportunity identification.
  • Employees who are more knowledgeable and invested in the communities in which they live and work.
  • Community recognition among other like-minded organizations.
Individual participants benefit from:
  • First hand experiences and activities that make Montgomery County a better place.
  • New relationships with other members and shared-learning opportunities. 
  • Learning more about the needs of nonprofits in our communities.
  • Being placed on boards in county-based businesses.

When Does It Take Place?

Start dates may vary by the specific CVC program offering, but all offerings provide ways to get involved year round. 

What Is the Cost?

Membership costs are based on the level of activity, which can be for as little as $200. For specific sponsorship fees and how to take advantage of our free Leadership Montgomery Nonprofit Partners’ portal, please contact our office.

How Do I Get Started or Learn More?

For more information about the CVC and latest volunteer and service programming, contact Director, Corporate Engagement Programs, Sarah Burnett at (301) 881-3333 or sarah.burnett@leadermont.org.